Sunday, March 14, 2010

So Long For Now (44/90)

(Saturday March 13, 2010)

It’s my last day/night in the bay.

I’m sitting here reclined on my mom’s couch beside the porch. The door is open and I’m enjoying the breeze that still feels damp from yesterday’s rain. The neighbor’s wind chime is ringing, cars are whizzing by, dogs are out for their Saturday morning walks and many joggers have run past, huffing and checking their watches.

I have butterflies as I type this. I’m loving this moment.

Soon and very soon, I’ve got to get up, finish my laundry and get my suitcase packed. And I’m worried that the 41 pounds I came here with is over 50 now, thanks to the clothes that my mom had laid out on my bed when I got here and the outfits that I’ve picked up throughout the week.

Add to that the weight of whatever I will pick up today during a full day of shopping at the outlet malls in Orlando. I’d be happy to walk away with a new watch, some new spring flats, and a handbag. But, we’ll see what happens. I’m going with two women who love to shop and peer pressure and/or good deals may influence my purchasing.

I’m now convinced that I need to get a small carry-on suitcase to pack all of my new things in. If we could only go back to the days when life was good and airlines didn’t charge for absolutely everything, including our bags.

I’ve got a 7a.m. flight back t o Indianapolis in the morning, which I didn’t realize when I was planning, would actually be a 6a.m. flight due to Daylight Saving’s Time “Spring Forward”. It’s very likely that I will not sleep again until I am back in my other bed in Anderson.

There’s much to be done when I get back, all of the things that I neglected while I was here enjoying the city and the company of my Mom and friends. While I am stressed just thinking about those things, I’m also thinking joyfully on some other things that I’ve got to do.

I told my friend last night that I am determined to seek out the things that make me happy when I get home. All of those little things that make my heart smile and fill my stomach with butterflies; the cute little cafes to write and do homework in, the artsy events to watch and enjoy and the parks to sit and read in.

These are the places and things that keep me feeling inspired, creative and…happy. And I know they’re out there, and finding them will be an adventure of sorts.

So it’s so long for now. But there are new adventures before me, as there always have been. And now, I am more than ready for them.

But, here’s to hoping for a summer internship in the bay, under the sunshine, surrounded by the laughter of my friends, my Mom’s love and homemade cooking and many butterfly-filled moments. 


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