Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's A Celebration (43/90)

Monday marks one year to the day of my life new life as a natural chick.

I’ve decided that this is a day worth celebrating. Actually, I may just celebrate all week. And I’m sure this seems silly to some, and I’ve decided not to worry about the some that don’t get it for right now. Those that do though, I invite you to celebrate with me.

And, let’s celebrate the newness of things in your life too, hair or otherwise.

I’ve come across several natural hair celebrations and they were an inspiration for me to continue through my journey from relaxed to natural hair and gave me something to look to look forward to once I reached the awful awkwardness that followed the first few days and months of my Big Chop.

Of the celebrations that I have seen so far the most common were video montages that chronicle the hair journey, length checks; which often times mean flat ironing the hair for the first time, adding color, or pampering the hair with special treatments like Henna and creating homemade shampoos and conditioners with all natural ingredients.

I think all of these are awesome ideas, and as said before they were inspiring to me during my transitioning stage and first months in the natural club. But, this is my celebration and I want to do something original and share it with you.

But what? That is the question.

I’d love to know what people want to see as I celebrate my first year natural. I’d love to answer any questions you may have about the hair or this natural journey. Also, what would you like to see/read/hear from me?  

And, I want to know what you’re celebrating, so I can join you in your celebration as well.

 Let’s talk, and CELEBRATE! 


Riana said...

I hope you celebrate all week! It's your best look yet. I think I'll celebrate being comfortable in my own skin, hair and weight. I've decided that I no longer desire to work out to the extent that I used to so I will be thick in the hips for the long haul of my life. My hair,well my reality is that no matter how much I might change it, I'm a short hair diva. Maybe one day that will change but probably not.

Tiffany Holbert said...

Yaay! Good for you sister! That's something I'm working towards too, being comfortable in my own skin, hair and weight! Celebrate!

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