Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Night On The Town With The Brat Pack (51/90)

Last night I experienced my first grown up outing with "The Brat Pack" as Langston dubbed us early on in the evening. But, that's unofficial still, because Riana thinks that we need something more original.

Let me back up a bit though, this Brat Pack that I speak of consist of me, of course, my 29-year-old sister Riana, and my 25-year-old brother Langston. And we all kind of do our own thing, independently of each other.  And because our parents are divorced we don't all gather at Mom and Dad's ever. And since Mom lives in Florida, our family gatherings are relegated to Christmas, which we've held at Riana's the past few years.

But that's not enough. So we planned a a day of fun around the Jay-Z concert at Conseco Fieldhouse in downtown Indianapolis.

I can't tell this story rightfully without being honest about our dynamics, though. Growing up Lang and I went through a long drawn out case of sibling rivalry, and while Riana and I never had any problems, the age gap distanced us quite a bit. Add to that my nerdy nature and Riana and Langston found a lot more in common with each other than I did with either of them.

When Riana found out about the Jay-Z concert she immediately called Lang, who is a huge fan. Matter of factly, Jay-Z was all I heard blaring from his room when we were in high school. It was no doubt that they would be securing tickets for the concert. As an afterthought, my sister called me just before they bought the tickets to see if I wanted to go, though she doubted I would.

I've never been a huge hip hop fan, I spent my time in the house locked in my room listening to Celine Dion ballads and 90s pop songs while I was writing and reading. So, my sister was a bit taken aback when I said "Yeah, I wanna go," to the concert offer without a moment's hesitation.

 1. It's JAY-Z and 2. It's a night spent with my big sister and big brother. Of course I wanted to go.

My brother and I decided to ride together from Anderson to Indianapolis. Among the first words out of  his mouth were "Do you have any Michael Jackson in here?" You see, the M.J. love is a shared love in my family. My brother rifled through my CD book, found the Dangerous album and popped it in.

From that point I knew we were bound to have an incredible time.

When we got to my sister's place we had just enough time to play a bit with our niece and nephew and take a few pics.

We couldn't get Lang to take off the do-rag just yet. Something about his waves and the line that would remain on his forehead. But, it's a nice happy pic of all of us, I think.

Then, we all hopped in Riana's car and headed downtown. Before the concert we went to Scotty's Brewhouse for dinner and drinks and more photo opportunities.

Right after this picture was taken, Lang melted Riana and I's hearts. "I'm so glad I you guys are my sisters," he said. "You're very classy ladies." That was the sweetest thing I've heard him say, ever.

We continued to talk and laugh over dinner and drinks before walking back to Conseco where the concert was. Everybody and their momma was out to see The Jigga Man, so when we arrived back at the fieldhouse around showtime we were met by a line wrapped around the building.

When we finally got in  and took our seats the excitement began to set in. By the time that Trey Songz opened the show the entire crowd was buzzing with excitement. My brother said on the car ride over that when Trey Songz took the stage he would have to go hit concession area to find some girls to talk to. But, when I looked over at him he was bobbing his head and enjoying the show right from the start.

He wasn't starstruck until Jay-Z took the stage, of course.

Halfway through the show he turned to Riana and I and said, "That's Jay-Z."

And boy was it. The Jigga Man put on an incredible show, even staying behind to perform an encore full of the old songs.

But, as amazing as the show was, for me it was all about this:

My time spent with The Brat Pack, and I can't wait to do it again. And maybe by then we'll have a more original moniker.


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