Saturday, March 20, 2010

Excited Indecision (50/90)

My sister wanted me to get a tattoo today on the fly.

I don't think that's going to happen. Four-plus years of thinking can't boil down to a snap decision. Well, it could and it has before, but that's now what I want now.

But if I do decide to get one, my sister wants to be there. It will be a bonding moment for us. I was there with her, along with my godsister, when she got her first. I watched as flipped through the design book, asked us for our opinions nervously and then teetered on her decision before finally sitting down in the chair. No turning back.

But I've never been as spontaneous as my sister. Especially when the decision holds permanency. She's tried to get me to just make a decision on the tattoo thing for years. But, I can't. Not in a hurry, anyway.

And I'm sure that I frustrate her  because I so often entertain the idea. I love tattoos. Well, let me be clear, I love thoughtful, artful tattoos. And when she called me yesterday with fresh ink on her ankles, I was upset that she didn't invite me to go along. But that's just the thing, for her, it was a snap decision.

But I've entertained the idea for years. Never in a rush to decide. Because, like with many things in life, I think that I'll just feel when the time is right and when it is I'll know without a doubt what I want to be permanently etched on my body.

Until then, I'll keep admiring the ink on others and asking intrusively for the stories behind it. And I'll keep frustrating my sister with my excited indecision. Because I'm of the creed that there should be a story, or a compelling reason.

And so when there is, then I will be inked. And it may just end up being spontaneous after all.


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