Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hide and Seek

The wind is cold and without mercy in DC today.

Since my arrival on Saturday, we've been spoiled with warmer than usual days, but not today.

I decided to brave the cold anyways though, for a while at least. I went out with a friend to explore Adams Morgan, a neighborhood known for its culture and diversity, and only a 12-minute walk from our hotel.

We stumbled upon one of the coolest things I've seen on this trip. The "Airing of Grievances", which I was unfamiliar with up until now. The grievances were posted on a busy street corner, for all to see and participate. That was my first feel of the city's character. And I loved it.

(Now, let's  be clear,  this is my second trip to DC and on the first I explored and took in the history that is this place. But on this trip, I wanted to witness the street culture and city life. So, this was a bit of that.)

We walked a little further before we decided we should probably walk with our backs to the wind. As we changed directions, we ran into a quaint little cafe that serves New Orleans style cuisine.

I fell in love with this spot as soon as we sat down. It's small, but cozy. Its walls are painted in warm inviting colors; deep reds and browns. We were served by the owner himself, Bardia. He's a small man with a thick accent (which I couldn't identify) and a sweet spirit. He's the kind of person that in just a short time makes you want to be a little sweeter and kinder.

My friend and I shared a plate of beignets, my favorites. I also had a cafe au lait with real chicory (much better than Starbucks' cafe au lait which I settle for at home) and a cup of gumbo. All were delicious. We lingered there for a while and chatted. I told my friend:
"If I lived in this city, this is where I'd spend all of my mornings, eating too many beignets and sipping cafe au laits."
When it was time to face the wind again, we thanked Bardia and headed for a bookstore I spotted on the way in. This place, also quaint, was a used bookstore. Upon opening the door we were flooded with that used book smell. It was warm, and a great hiding place from the wind.

I could have spent hours there. I left with two books that will help fill my free time for  the remainder of the break.

I've got tonight and tomorrow left here in DC. These are the types of places I can be found, when I'm hiding from the wind.


Brad King said...

You had me at Fitzgerald. I'm making my magazine kids read part of The Great Gatsby this semester :)

This is your best post yet, kiddo. I love it.

Tiffany Holbert said...

That makes me so happy! Thanks a lot! :)

Brad King said...

I read Gatsby at least once, oftentimes twice, a year. If you like Fitzgerald, then Hawthorne, Thompsom and Hemmingway!

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