Saturday, February 27, 2010

"These Boots Were Made For Walkin" (29/90)

I wanted to prance around in my boots all day today.

They haven't been out much, although I bought them months ago. I've worn them no more than three times so far. It was a split second decision this morning.

I've got only one class on Friday's which means I've got less walking to do around campus on slick, icy sidewalks which means I've got an even lesser chance of falling. And, despite the end of the week tiredness, I was in a good mood. So, on went the boots.

These aren't the every-day boots though. Not the black flats or the camel moccasins that I throw on for comfort and practicality day after day. These are sassy boots. A cross between riding and cowboy with a wedge and laces in the back.  They're cute, if I can say so myself.

Today, they made me feel cute. I rely on these things sometimes. A lot of the time.

That last minute look in the mirror can be intense. It is often enough to send me back into my room to change my outfit entirely or tweak little things like changing the earrings or the shirt or throw on a bit of mascara.

This morning I stood realizing that no matter how much I'm trying not to think about my weight, it is now apparent that I've gained. I am as ok with it as I can be but it's uncomfortable, still.

I've been busy and let too much time lapse since my last eyebrow threading. They are one of the little things I like about myself. When I take care of them, like I try to, I am complimented often. They frame my most prominent feature. When I don't take care of them, I am uncomfortable. I want to cover my face or pull a hat down over my eyes.

A bit of anxiety crept up in me as I stood looking at my sweater pulling tight around my hips and the bushy brows that made me feel messy and unkempt. But then, I looked down to the boots. Oh, the boots. They were enough to get me out the door without starting all over.

Today I allowed the clicking of the boots to be my rhythm. The tone I was setting for my day echoing through the hallways, preceding me.  Some days, when I'm feeling particularly shy, I can't stand that sound. I walk on the balls on my feet trying to be quiet, modest.

 But, not today.

There's just something about a cute pair of shoes and the way they make you feel. Heels in particular make us look and feel instantly more attractive.  Aside from the obvious height addition, which standing only at 5'3 I'll take any day, they lengthen the leg, thin the ankle, raise the butt and increase the sway of the back. Instant sex appeal.

I even noticed the glances from a few young men as I walked through the snow flurries tonight from one side of campus to the other. I hope they didn't notice the brows or the extra weight. I bet they were attracted to my butt or my lengthened legs or the sway of my back.

Or maybe, they just liked the boots.


Anonymous said...

Soul mate,
I have a pair of Kenneth Cole "Going Studly" boots. They are my drinking/mini-skirt/mini-dress shoes that just bring out that "Diva" (as you called it) in me :)


Tiffany Holbert said...

Hey Mary, my soulmate!

I must see you in these boots, DIVA! :)

Thanks for reading :)

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